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[Fly Fishing, cold mountain streams, wilde trout and Bamboo Fly Rods are addictions I cannot dissolve. I have relocated from beautiful Colorado so I can hand craft Bamboo fly rods that will be designed for the small streams found along the East Coast of the United States.

I might add that "Warm Water Fly Fishing" is great on
the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is an untapped area
of interest. I have caught many Large Mouth Bass and
10-12 inch Perch off my 4/5 wt Bamboo Rods from a belly boat. I don't "kiss and tell" so don't even ask.

I will be teaching others on the Shore to fly fish for Warm water fish and then move onto Trout. I also
offer fly tying instruction on a private lesson basis.

My favorite author is the late Harry Middleton who wrote: "The Earth Is Enough", "The Bright Country",
"On The Spine Of Time", The Starlight Creek Angling Society", "Rivers Of Memory".

My second favorite author is John Geirach who is based out Colorado. "Trout Bum" is considered many to be his best book, I loved them all.

I personally practice "Catch and release" but I understand why now and then a guy will fire up a frying pan and eat a few brookies along a Rocky Mountain stream. All of the fishing parters I have had in my past released their catch, and thats the way I like it.

I am single, actually divorced and plan to stay that way. However, I can always make room in my angling life for a lady who is also addicted to the wilderness,
someone who loves to camp and fish.


1. My main interest is Hand Crafting Bamboo fly rods. 2. Fly Fishing as a way of life, this encludes Fly tying.
3. Ham Radio - Mobile HF cw operating.
4. Telegraphy - Its history and telegraph keys.
5. Astronomy - Naked eye and I also use a Celestron 11-80mm binochulars.
6. Back Packing. I lived 26 years in Colorado, and one year in California, so I have hiked throughout the the Western States.
7. Short Wave Listening, broadcast from other countries. I don't watch T.V..
8. Crystal Radios.
9. Reading, I have a very exstensive Fly Fishing library.
10. Martial Arts, I have retired from commerical instruction in Kenpo karate and kali but still train in a relaxed fashion.
11. I enjoy Folk, Jazz, Blues, Blue Grass and Country music.
1. I am listed in "Whos Who of Successful Americans 1993-94"
2. I am listed in "Whos Who in American Martial Arts" 1987.
3. I recieved my GODAN 5th degree Black Belt from Master Al Tracy.
4. Graduated from Metro State College in Denver Colorado in 1980 with a B.A. With majors in Education k-12 certifaction and Physical education with 30 hours of Science courses.
5. Have been published in "Black Belt" and "Karate Illustrated" magazines in early 80s.
6. Obtained an F.C.C. Amature Radio Extra Class
license in 1987.
7. Developed and Sold, Tracy karate franchises in Colorado in the early 90s.

1. To much inbreeding on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Just look into the average persons eyes, listen to their speach. There are times I can't even understand what some of these people are saying. I had been away from the area for to long (26 years)that I forgot why I left. To many red necks and to little brain thrust.

The lack of attractive women and the vast number of fat, pot bellied people, male and female could drive a person to.... (I won't go there).


Thats a valid question and I can't really say ..... . I was hoping to spend a little time with my father who is 84 year old and perhaps see my son who lives in Florida. Colorado was just to far away. Plus, Denver has gotten to big , more like a little L.A.. So, perhaps a little time on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
will allow me to plan my next adventure...Alaska sounds nice, maybe Canada, who knows where I will be next year, God welling it won't be here, but the warm water fly fishing is darn good. I am working as a communications tech. for a very successful company that has been around for over 40 years. Everyday I learn somthing new, and I enjoy working with radios and antennas, still a kid at heart and I am darn lucky to have the job that I have. I am working 50 hours per who knows perhaps some rods will get built this winter.


An Anglers Insights: Warm Water Fly Fishing
I have had very good luck from my Belly Boat fishing the following flys:

Golden Ribed Hairs Ears: with peacock herl on the head.
Greens Wells Glory (no tail)
Micky Finn (caught a 20 inch bass from a small farm pond.
Brown emergers and Caddis Flys tied with a Chartruse Body
would well while in motion. I have caught White Pearch
on a Yellow Poper in the Pocomoke River Recently. Sure
wish I had not left my canoe out on the Left Coast with the X girl friend.

I have found Crappie go nuts over Green Spruce Flys, Bass seem to enjoy them also.

I am currently looking for a good Damsel nymph pattern, it is one of the major insects I see Bass taking (or I thing they are taking)

HINT OF THE DAY: Start making your own knotted leaders, they will work better than the store bought ones. There seems to be a direct relationship between leader, line and the casting personality of bamboo fly rods.

Take a good look at the way fly fishing has turned into a business. Perhaps it is losing its "soul", so maybe we should stand back and see where we are heading. Somthing is wrong when yuppies carry GPS units to the streams and then post the GPS location of trout etc. I can see what the commercialization of the Martail Arts did with a once respected art form. So, go for it, tie your own flies, make your own leaders and build your own rods. Put some passion into fly fishing, life without passion is "not living" it is a fast walk toward death.




When asked, Why do I like fly fishing? I respond, "WHAT ELSE IS THERE"
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