• Role-ing With the Punches
  • We Make Our Own Happiness
  • Family or Just Familiar
  • Eternal or Infernal Life
  • Anarchy on Wry
  • I DO...What?
  • Butt Butt It Looked Sooooo Goooood
  • Click Here for No Frames Sermon
  • Ready...Aim...Inhale!
  • TYme to CULTivate
  • To Care is Human...To Wrinkle Bovine
  • Just Do It!
  • Easy As Pie!
  • Happy Hollerdaze
  • All in 'Do' Time
  • Strangers in The Net
  • Nothing Vended Nothing Gained
  • Alienation
  • Is You Is Or Is You Ain't
  • Fifty Years to Leave Your Lover
  • Play It Again Sam
  • Death By Ballpoint
  • Phantom Phossils
  • Dodging Love
  • Hear Ye Hear Ye
  • Lying In Bed
  • Profit See: Buying the FuturePublished in the March 20, 2000 issue.
  • Born to FightPublished in the May 15, 2000 issue.
  • ViagraŽvation
        Published in Jackhammer's first print issue, available for purchase at their site!!
  • Twas the Fight Before Christmas!!
        Published in Eggplant Production's Winter Sampler
  • Jingle Malls
        Published in Eggplant Production's Winter Sampler

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