Please enjoy some of my published works, just general thoughts on a variety of issues.   :)

  • Snap...Crackle...POP! 
  • Khaki 101
  • Packing It In!
  • Residence Haul!
  • Mom Fails...Kid Thrives
  • To Be Or Not To Be!
  • Brain Food
  • Brace Yourself
  • It's No Truffle At All
  • The Web Ate My Life!
  • Going...Going....GONE!
  • Desperately Seeking Susan!
  • Diary of a Mammogram Voted Best of Tripod
  • All Opposed Say Know
  • Letters From College
  • How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Translate The Ways!

    These articles were published in Jackhammer Ezine as were others here
    bestowing upon me the honor of repeat offender.

  • Role-ing With the Punches
  • We Make Our Own Happiness
  • Family or Just Familiar
  • Eternal or Infernal Life
  • I DO...What?
  • Click Here for No Frames Sermon
  • Just Do It!
  • Easy As Pie!
  • Happy Hollerdaze
  • All in 'Do' Time
  • Strangers in The Net
  • Alienation
  • Fifty Years to Leave Your Lover
  • Play It Again Sam
  • Phantom Phossils
  • Dodging Love
  • Hear Ye Hear Ye
  • Born To Fight
  • Growing Up or Growing Old?