Twenty three years and six days of the post office and I kissed it goodbye. See ya!

Of course lest you think I'm about to live the life of Riley I should mention that civil service retirement is not all it's cracked up to be. Lucky for me I'm not the kind of person to sit on her butt and do nothing. As far as I'm concerned I have 20 more good years to work another job and get yet another pension. All the good positions (toilet cleaner, french fry grease inserter) were taken at MdDonalds so I'm doing the next best thing.... I'm going to help a friend at his newly remodeled restaurant. Stay tuned for pictures of this awesome place.

Lindsay is living and working in Richmond, Virginia at an advertising agency where she writes and produces radio and television commercials, does ads, brochures and web pages for an advertising agency. Proud of her I am I am.

Within the bounds of my new life (which basically seems to have NO bounds) I am busy busy busy... and I need to get back to writing, especially in light of the events of my life in the last year. Everything from vindictive hateful ex wife stories to the fact that I've learned a two by four is really only a two by about three and a half. Oh the disgrace of the lumber world!!! Just wait for that rant, Home Depot look out!

I have an interesting piece of is an old filter from a cistern. It was filled with charcoal and set inside a huge concrete lined tub, the rain water entered through a pipe inserted in the top, and was filtered in this inventive piece of historical clay. My question to you is: Have you ever seen one or know its value? It seems that I appear to have a one of a kind item! Any takers?

And, that, my friends, is that! Look for me online someplace, my nickname is obviously Alacrity, so be sure to say hi! And...Remember...It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser!

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