Meet Some of My Pals

Can't see what they look like? Then click the pics to see more!

A Gift For my Friends

She's a super friend with the cutest son! You can always count on her! We'll always be friends because of one simple fact...we know too much!

Diana was from Canada...Joost is from Holland, now she's spoken Dutch to say "I DO" Congrats you guys! Treat yourself to some great pictures of the handsome groom and beautiful bride! And what's more...they are having a baby!!

"Hi, I'm Tom from Texas. I'm being held captive on this page and I can't get off!" Pay no attention to the blabberings of this pal. He's actually one of the nicest and funniest critters I've run across in a long long time. Just goes to show they make wit, wisdom, and wackiness BIG in Texas too!

Tony, he's talented, he's postal, forget the fact that he plays an accordian and I've seen him wear a dress, listen to him sing! Funky croons!

Carol...what can I say? When Webster's invents a word to describe her, you'll read it here first folks! Maybe if I hound her enough she'll put up her own web site so that you can read her fabulous mind wanderings! Yes, Carol, that WAS a hint!!

Dave slays lizards on his back steps (they grow everything bigger in Texas) and meanders the Renaissance Faires in search of.....

The Scarecrow was my first boyfriend! "It must be inconvenient to be made of flesh," said the Scarecrow thoughtfully, "for you must sleep, and eat and drink. However, you have brains, and it is worth a lot of bother to be able to think properly." :) It's OZsome!

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