Okay, so this is the real stuff...My name is Susan Sterling...and this is my life...
I'm a retired postal worker who then went to work in the mailroom at a prison, a geek wannabe and a dreamer. Presently I work at a visitor center where I spend my days telling people where to go. How's that for a whole bunch of fun and getting paid for it too? When I'm not working (and sometimes when I am) I like to boldly go where I shouldn't and it often gets me in trouble. Remember the time...ah...nevermind...

When my daughter was very young and personal computers had just become available to the common man, I got her one. Hard to believe that 1MB of ram was more than sufficient!   :) That was back in the day when I saw more than one day at a time. Obviously, I felt like it was a necessary tool to prepare her for the future. Little did I know that it would grab me by the hands and never let go! Naturally, as my daughter learned, so did I...she much faster and more advanced than me, but still, my love of all things puterfied was born.

When I'm online, I love to read, learn, and view everything from the educational to the bizarre. I adore meeting new friends and mastering new skills. I prefer the 'hands on' hardware installation over the 'mind on' programming technical aspects of maintaining a computer. My nickname (chatname) is 'Alacrity', but be careful, I was the first, others have copied my name since, however thankfully for the good of the world, none can copy me.

When I'm not online, I write; The products of my mind can be found all over this site. For some reason, several print magazines and online zines seem to think the world wants to hear what I have to say. Some of them even pay me for my musings. Me, a real honest to goodness writer...who woulda thunkit?

When I'm not parked in front of this screen, I like to be outdoors. Hiking in the mountains has long been my absolute favorite pastime. I bike, power walk, and work on my house and garden! I have a weakness for nachos and cheese, as well as abandoned people, animals, and things people discard which I then craft into something neat. I have a collection of tools and especially saws that puts my contractor friend to shame.

On that note, I have an awesome fella who I love and adore. He does, however, understand my requirement that he never either takes me to McDonalds or asks me to marry him. My favorite color has not yet been invented and I'm a Sagittarius. Please send gifts on December 9th.   :)

If I had to choose one thing that irritates me most, it would be egotistical people who are deluded by the value of their own importance. I am especially annoyed when I share something with them and they reply with..."well, when I...". They diminish the significance of your problem or accomplishment by self-inflated tomes of their superiority. Oh...I should stop...I feel a rant coming on.

I live in a tiny little bayside town, historically known as the 'Crab Capital of the World'; a quiet laid back place where families have long made their living off the land and sea. Times being what they are, momma nature doesn't support them as she used to, so our kids are going off to parts unknown and leaving this world behind. My daughter, Lindsay, graduated from the University of Richmond where she still lives with her very significant other, Brian!   :)   I'm sure the world will see much of her someday as she is very involved in both web development and journalism. I'm adjusting to not seeing much of her now.   :(

So...you see...I told you the real stuff is boring, but you came anyway. Now, go back and find something interesting. The net has brought you the world. Enjoy it!

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