Amusing Links

The Looneybin!
  • A LARGE list of Jokes!
  • C*E*A

  • The Center for the Easily Amused!
  • The Dialectizer!

  • You'll's fun!
  • Oh My Goodness

  • A most unusual card shoppe
  • Weird and Bizarre

  • MORE than you can want!

  • Useful Links!

  • A super web guide!
  • What Is?

  • You got questions? They got answers!
  • Card Central

  • The best card site ever!
  • The Online Post Office

  • Just cuz I work there, you don't have to wait in line!
  • Phone Listings

  • A Great Tool! Even reverse listings!
  • Virtual Reference Desk

  • All the info you'll ever need!
  • Useless Knowledge

  • All the info you'll NEVER need!
  • Ask Jeeves

  • He answers!

  • My main page!

  • Do It with Alacrity!