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  • All the info you'll NEVER need!
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  • If you are like me and talk all over the world, it's nice to know what time it is wherever!
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  • Great for those times when you simply must wax poetic and get stuck!
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    HTML Goodies!

  • So you want to build a home page huh? This guy's down to earth in explaining just how

  • Writing Links

  • The Shore Journal : A great Ezine, and not just because they published some articles of mine!   :)
  • Jackhammer Ezine : An interesting weekly Ezine! I've got a mega bunch of articles published or 'to be', making me a repeat offender so run on over there and see the Ezine. You'll be glad you did! Check out the Faerie Gold for a great E-Chapbook!
  • Writer's Hood : A fantastic writer's site that supports all genres. They publish me on occasion including this story.

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