The Churches of Crisfield, Maryland

There are many houses of worship here and I'm busily working on taking pictures of all of them and their unique architecture. One on every street corner, someplace for everyone!

The First Baptist Church
Jack Maroon, Pastor
Built in 1922
This is my church proudly accentuated by the town's ONLY stoplight!

Liberty Rock Church Pentecostal, David Dunn, Pastor

Wesleyan Church Built in 1899, Robert Daniels, Pastor

Shiloh United Methodist Church Built in 1903, Debra Robinson, Pastor

Other Churches

St Peter's Church The oldest church in the area, built in 1784. I just love this place! Jim Riley, Pastor

Church of God Built in 1951, Philip Morris, Pastor

Immanuel United Methodist Church Built in 1911, Jim Riley, Pastor

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Built in 1876, Rich Evans, Pastor

Asbury United Methodist Church Built in 1930, Thomas Blakelock, Pastor

Mariners United Methodist Church Built in 1932, Thomas Blakelock, Pastor

Somerset Free Methodist Church Built in 1961, Sam Horner, Pastor

Faith Fellowship Assemblies of God,Bob Sarrichico, Pastor

Evangelical Christian Church Daniel Taylor, Pastor

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